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Health insights

Data-Driven, Patient-Centered solutions for Life Sciences, by analyzing data and co-creating insights.

Transform healthcare data into actionable insights, integrate clinical and commercial data and translate it into patient-centric intelligence and analytics.

Our vision

Due to an aging population and new technological possibilities, there is an increasing demand from patients for affordable and qualitative care. We are responding to this demand by analyzing health-related data and co-creating insights.

As today’s health industry is disrupted by these new technologies and innovative business models, there is a shift to newer reimbursement and delivery models.
–such as payment by results and value-based healthcare. These models demand much more detailed insights into what drives outcomes than previous ones did.
We are at a tipping point of very exciting things that could happen in health. Therefore we share the call-to-action to start with combining existing data in new ways to create valuable insights.

Advantages for each stakeholder

  • Healthcare consumers: increased quality of care.
  • Healthcare providers: optimize services and capacity.
  • Healthcare producers: increased competitiveness, customer engagement and revenue potential.

Our service offering

From our years of experience in the industry the belief arose to use the ever-increasing data sets to create solutions to serve the healthcare consumer or patient. Today these big data sets are mainly used to sell more or to make targeted advertising.

Healthcare payers, providers and producers have access to more data than the vast majority of organizations. So why hasn’t more been done?

The answer is that, despite the promise of electronic medical records, the information we need to manage healthcare is either incomplete, inconsistent or is missing altogether.
The key to success lies in focusing on pragmatic steps and connecting existing data in a way that will optimize the services that we deliver to our patients and empower patients experiencing healthcare in new ways.

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