• Publicly report the transfers of value (ToV) made by pharma companies to physicians (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs).
  • Increase transparency around interactions, to proactively address potential concerns.
  • Set standards that member companies will comply with when sponsoring or organizing activities for HCPs.


  • Tribute to knowledge sharing, helping HCP’s to keep ahead of professional developments.
  • Maintain save and effective practice.
  • Contribute to optimal use of treatments.
  • Use transparency initiatives as a driver for improving internal processes.

Why Carealize

Transparency reporting requires continuous monitoring of legislations in alignment with possible improvements. Carealize continues to monitor the evolutions in transparency scopes per country. Adding R&D, reporting on contract amount … are just a few examples of changes.

We approach a transparency implementations from a process improvement and standardization point of view. We continue doing so even after the implementation and create awareness on possible upcoming trends.

Do you need implement transparency reporting, do you want to extend your level of reporting or do you want to turn transparency reporting into a company advantage … then invite us to discuss a view of our reference cases.

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