is setting the standard for digital engagement across the entire Life Sciences Industry

Valuable insights on kols

Sponsor a learning channel for Key Opinion Leaders and other HCPs to support their research and collaboration efforts. Automated reporting back to the CRM allows sales and marketing units to create a detailed and automatically updated picture of the shifting influences across the Life Science Community to support more effective targeting.

Seamless integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems puts media engagement data next to call & detailing info

Cloud based CRM solutions such as Veeva CRM™ &™, as well as document management systems such as Veeva Vault™, are used across the Life Sciences Industry. By integrating with these systems, makes it possible to display granular media engagement at the account level right next to call and detailing data.

Share approved content with health care providers is a tailor made solution to help Medical Science Liaisons provide support to members of the medical community by providing training materials, documentation, presentations and aids through a fully tracked, compliant, learning channel.

The key to more effective medical events

Medical Events, from a Lunch & Learn to an International Conference, benefit greatly from a portal. By providing an easy, centralized, location to store and organize presentations, documentation and collaborative tools, these portals quickly add a digital component to your event that is fully integrated to your CRM & Document Management Systems.

Reach HCP's

Create an entirely new channel for reaching Health Care Providers and members of the Life Sciences Industry. Leverage existing CRM data and approved content for a rapid launch.

Teach sales pro's

On-board sales professionals and MSLs through a streamlined system, while running powerful salesforce effectiveness programs that maintain data integrity for compliance. One click enrollment makes it easy and all data is automatically tracked to the same CRM where Call and Sampling data is maintained.

Automate sales & marketing

Whenever a user or account stored in™ or Veeva CRM™ completes a course or views media in the learning system, records of the event are automatically updated in the CRM against that user or account. Use these actions to automate your sales processes.

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